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Medical Staffing Agencies have the option of providing all aspects of temp services within the industry. But to better serve these aspects let’s have a closer look at what they are.Temporary: This makes up the largest chunk. These are short term shifts, sometimes daily or weekly. These are shifts that are covered in times of need or to cover vacations or holidays. You bill hourly for services provided and usually you send invoices bi-monthly and get paid on a monthly basis.Long-Term: Often these are assignments that are longer than 13 weeks. Staffing facilities on a long term basis is required usually because clients are located in rural facilities unable to simply send a professional for one or two days. At the same time heavily populated dense facilities may also require long- term staffing simply because the shortage of professionals merits it.Recruiting: agencies prefer to specialize in providing professionals within the recruiting arena, often times called (headhunters). Yet you will find that as a temp staffing agency it is easy to provide this service while providing temporary service. Recruiting fees can be substantial and provide a viable resource in the starting phase of any agency. Many if not all medical staffing agencies have provided or can provide this service.Temp-To-Perm Service: Combining long-term and recruiting is seen more often today in this industry. A client may view an employee, try them out on a temporary basis and hire them later on if the client wishes to do so. For this service the medical staffing agency receives a hiring fee from the client.Who can start an agency?Having a health-care background certainly helps in making a success from a medical staffing agency. Deciding how to begin or what services initially to provide may be your biggest challenge if you do not have a health-care background. Many begin a medical staffing agency as independent contractors providing their particular expertise.A corporation wishing to expand from accounting staffing to the medical staffing industry will experience a much higher monetary entry than a single Nurse wanting to self contract herself. Partners have been known to succeed by splitting the shifts between themselves. One may work day shifts while the other works a night shift.Let’s look at some of the professionals who can start a medical staffing agency and the different areas within the healthcare staffing industry that can be tapped into.Staffing Industry ProfessionsMedical Imaging – Radiology
• Radiology Technologists
• Ultrasound Technologists
• Mammography Technologists
• Radiation Therapist
• Nuclear Medicine Technologists
• Computer Technologist
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist
• Cardiovascular TechnologistLaboratory Technologists
• Cytotechnologist
• Histology Technologists
• Medical Technologists
• Medical Laboratory Technologists
• Laboratory AssistantRehabilitation Professionals
• Physical Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Speech Pathologist
• AudiologistPeri-operative Professionals
• Nurse
• Surgical TechnologistPharmacy Professionals
• Pharmacists
• Pharmacy Technologists
• Pharmacy AidRespiratory Professionals
• Respiratory Therapists
• Respiratory TechniciansParaprofessionals
• Medical Assistants
• Phlebotomists
• EKG Technicians

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Just as your face reflects your character and personality, windows introduce your house or office to others. After all, this is the first thing that our eyes hit upon on entering the property premises. As we all know, first impression is the lasting impression. So, whether it’s a domestic or commercial building, proper cleaning and upkeep services are a must. Else, you might miss out on a prospective business venture. Besides, there are risks of developing allergies and other harmful diseases. In home, you can easily do the cleaning job on your own, but the office clean-up tasks need professional skills and knowledge. Hence, appointing expert cleaning agencies proves beneficial in a range of ways.If you run industrial businesses like manufacturing companies and factories, you need expert clean-up agencies with special skills that suit your specific needs. Go for an agency that doesn’t just clean your property, but also pays equal heed to its hygiene and safety. This is both for the customers and the people working in the building.Industrial business settings are highly dangerous for the employees as well as visitors. After all, this is an industry where the work premises are not open to non-employees. As for their cleaning job, it’s best to avail professional services – experts with thorough training in this field. In contrast to domestic and commercial cleaning jobs, industrial clean-up chores need more training and skills. The reason behind this is that each task is highly complicated and needs proper care and attention.These professionals pay due attention to the successful completion of the task – right from the clean-up process to the disposal of harmful chemicals and waste recycling process. The best thing about them is that they pay due attention to the safety measures of the work. When hiring a clean-up agency, make sure that they meet all these above mentioned conditions.An industrial cleaning company must give you a proper safety plan for their work; besides, they must abide by the national regulations on safety and waste administration. Unlike domestic and commercial services, industrial clean-up jobs need strict conformity with the specific cleaning methods. Apart from this, they must pay due heed to the cleaning solutions and chemicals that they use. Remember, inappropriate use of harmful chemicals and other cleaning solutions may result in injuries and death. So, make enough inquiries and choose a reliable agency – one that’s knowledgeable and experienced in this field.